God is Dead

It’s Good Friday.

The day where I celebrate a death. The death of a man. Moreover, I celebrate the death of God.

On a cross, 2000 years ago, the world was changed. When Jesus spoke those last words – “It is finished” – it changed history forever. Because it was finished. God himself died. Why?


His death was to pay the price for all of the evil in the world.

Only the death of the majestic unlimited ruler of the universe could be enough to sacrifice for the whole world.

For it is in this beautiful demonstration of servant hearted leadership and sacrifice that I am given hope.

It’s not hope of nothing. It’s not hope of an empty future. It’s a hope of forgiveness. It’s a hope of redemption. It’s a hope given because God himself stepped in to death for me. Willingly.

The story doesn’t stop here. His death was not the end.

But that’s a story for another day.

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