I should be writing right now…

I should be writing right now. It’s ironic really.


I’ve worked out over the last few weeks that one of the largest parts of my job is actually being an author. I don’t write brilliant stories for consumption, or polemics espousing the merits of coffee over diet soft drinks, but I do write a lot. And what I write matters, and how I write it matters. I change people’s minds and opinions based on what I write. And my livelihood, and others actually depends on it.

This isn’t remarkable, but just something new and nice to understand.

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Now that that’s out of the way – this morning GMail experienced a “service interruption”. I use GMail for my email. But I couldn’t send email. I could occasionally receive email. I couldn’t search email. And I realised how much of my life depends on my email. I have information I need in there. I have ways to communicate with other people.

Not having my email was isolating. There were moments of panic and stress as I wanted to check or know something that I could not know. It was frightening. I resorted to other mediums for communication – our internal office chat system, iMessage, Facebook – but none were quite the same.

But it is back now. #firstworldproblems

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