Last week I came face to face with a dark side of the Internet. Some websites my company hosts were hacked through a software flaw. This kind of thing happens all the time in the online world, but I generally don’t have to deal with it.

The home pages of the websites were replaced by a page from an anti IS “ethical hacking” group. To be honest, I avoided the content. The imagery was horrific and disgusting.

My passive mind wonders if their message is true. If the hideous imagery is real, or just some artistic fakery? I ponder whether their message has any value given the method they chose to disseminate it.

And I worry. My mind, although content to idly contemplate such existential questions is detached. This is a mere mental exercise for me. My heart is unmoved.

When did I become like this? When did the cry for human life fall on deaf ears? When did my soul become untouched by the horror of humanity? When did my passion for those made in the divine image fade?

I have people I love. I have people I care for. What if it was them? What if it was my family?

And if my heart breaks, only to find that it was for political or personal gain, what then? Is my sorrow less valid? Is my hurt on behalf of those who are not hurt any more any less real?

Lord, break my heart for your creation. Help me understand. Change me.

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