A letter to our school principal in support of the resumption of SRE & SEE

Dear Principal,

I am writing to you to express my support and sincerest thanks for the resumption of SRE & SEE within our school.

While I acknowledge that you are acting in line with departmental guidelines, I appreciate that a decision to resume any school activity in the current climate is difficult.

My children have been very excited by the return to SRE and have spoken very positively of their experience since the resumption of the program.

It is no secret that I believe SRE & SEE are vital compliments to the education that is delivered within our school. It is also no secret that I am strongly in support of the continued presence of the delivery of strong values based teaching that SRE & SEE provides, especially as it complements the regular teaching program.

I remain genuinely thankful for your continued support of the SRE & SEE programs within our school.

Warmest regards,

Andrew Yager

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